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2017 Total Rewards Enhancements

Health Insurance Premiums Unchanged 

Medical premiums will not increase in 2017. The company will absorb premium increases and therefore pay a larger portion of your total premium cost. 

Deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums will also remain unchanged, as will dental, vision and life insurance rates for 2017. As a reminder, Windstream health plans cover a set of preventive services like immunizations and screening tests at no cost to you even if you have not met your deductible. 

Health Savings Account Company Contribution

Employees who are enrolled in a Windstream Consumer medical plan effective Jan. 1, 2017, will receive a $500 tax-free contribution to their Health Savings Account (HSA). The contribution will be deposited in January 2017. 

IRS rules restrict some participants from opening an HSA. For employees who enroll in a Windstream Consumer Plan but not an HSA, we will make the contribution through payroll and withhold taxes. (Certain executives are not eligible for the contribution.) 

New Supplemental Insurance Options

We will offer two new insurance options through Allstate via convenient payroll deduction that provide a cash payment in the event of major illness or accidental injury.

New Well-being Program

We will introduce a new well-being partner and program in 2017 that will include a holistic view of well-being – physical, financial, social, purpose in life, and community. This new program replaces the WinWell and Healthy Return programs. 

Enhanced Vacation Plan 

Starting in January 2017, our vacation plan will provide vacation benefits earlier in your tenure. You will earn an extra week of vacation at your 3 and 10-year anniversaries. Previously, you earned these extra weeks at your 5 and 15-year anniversaries. Your extra week of vacation is available at the beginning of the calendar year in which you reach your milestone anniversary. If you have best online casinos already reached one of these new milestones, you will receive the enhanced vacation benefit as well. You will continue to receive 5 weeks of vacation starting with your 25-year anniversary. 

Expanded Diabetes Management Program

The Livongo diabetes management program will be available to Windstream medical plan participants living with diabetes. The program includes a free glucometer, test strips, alerts and coaching. 

We will also extend the Omada pre-diabetes weight loss program for another year. Omada (formerly Prevent), a 16-week online program, helps you lose weight and reduce your odds of developing certain chronic diseases, like type 2 diabetes. 

Increased Employee Discount 

Employees who live in Windstream ILEC service territories are eligible to receive a 50 percent discount on bundled or solo free slots packages of high-speed Internet and Kinetic video services.