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What is CDHP?

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Welcome to Windstream Benefits. This is the first in a series of videos you will see over the next few weeks leading up to Windstream’s annual benefits enrollment period. These videos are designed to help you make the best decisions for you and your family’s well being.

PPO, CDHP, HDHP,  ABHP….there are many acronyms in healthcare plan offerings; let’s clarify a few of them. Windstream’s 2016 medical plans are CDHPs – Consumer Driven Health Plans. We sometimes simply call them Consumer Plans - or you may hear this type of plan referred to as HDHPs – High Deductible Health Plans or ABHPs – Account Based Health Plans. They all mean the same thing.

CDHPs are defined by the Internal Revenue Service. Why does the IRS have a say in medical plan design? Because medical plans provide tax advantages! CDHPs must have a minimum deductible and a maximum out of pocket as defined by the IRS. Companies can choose what to offer within that range.

Windstream will offer three CDHP options that meet the I-R-S qualifications – the Consumer 5000, Consumer 6000 and Consumer 6300. 

How are our new Consumer plans different from our previous PPO plans? They have:

How are our new Consumer plans similar to our previous PPO plans? They offer the:

Just like our PPO plans did, they have:

So, how exactly does a Consumer Plan work?

Let’s say you choose the Consumer 5000 plan which has a $2,000 deductible. You go to the doctor for low back pain. After in-network discounts are applied, the visit costs $100, and the doctor’s office bills you. You pay the $100 because you haven’t met the deductible yet.

Next, your doctor orders an MRI which costs $1,000 after the network discounts, and you pay that $1,000 when you receive the doctor’s bill. You have now paid $1,100 toward meeting the $2,000 deductible.

More doctor’s visits total $900 that you pay out of pocket, and you hit your $2,000 deductible. This moves you to the co-insurance phase of your Consumer 5000 plan where you pay 20% of covered charges.

You return to the doctor for another visit that costs $100. Your 20% payment of this bill is $20 while the Windstream plan pays $80. You continue paying 20% of covered, in-network charges until you hit the $5,000 out of pocket maximum. The plan now covers 100% of covered, in-network services.

More information about Windstream's Consumer Medical Plans (or CDHPs) can be found here or you can contact Windstream’s benefits coordination vendor, Coordinated Care by Quantum at 877-550-3255. The medical plan comparison guide is available to help you compare Windstream's plan offerings. Our Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) documents are also helpful when comparing Windstream's plans to outside options. The SBCs also show out-of-network costs. You are also encouraged to check out the choosing a plan blog.