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Choosing a Plan

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In this segment, we discuss how to decide which plan is right for you.

Is picking your medical plan a task you are less than excited about each year? We understand. 

There are so many factors to consider –it’s almost impossible to know exactly what you will need in any given year.

Medical insurance is like auto, life and home insurance in many ways – outside of preventive care, the best thing you can hope for is that you are healthy and don’t need to use the insurance.

While we don’t like to pay for things we don’t use, insurance works that way. It is designed to save you from catastrophic losses.

1.     It protects you from costs incurred during a medical crisis or emergency.

2.     Preventive care is covered at 100% by the Plan.

3.     The IRS imposes a tax penalty if you don’t have medical insurance. 

What do you need to think about when selecting a plan? 

1. What does your past medical and prescription spending look like?

       You can look up your past expenses for medical claims at and prescription drug claims at 

       In planning for what you’ll pay in the future, use the post discount rate for medical claims – the discount is the benefit you get from going to an in-network doctor or facility.

2. Do you have any planned surgeries in the upcoming year?

       You can get a cost estimate of each procedure using the cost estimator at

3. Are you disciplined and will put the reduction in medical premiums in the Consumer plans into a Health Savings Account?  


Which plan might be best for you?

The Consumer 5000 is good for you if;

       You’re a High user of medical services

       You Prefer to pay more in premiums and less in out of pocket expenses

       You Use preventive drugs that will be available at co-insurance whether the deductible has been met or not

The Consumer 6000 is good for you if;

       You want the benefit of an imbedded individual deductible, which means one person on the plan can meet the individual deductible and enter the co-insurance phase even if the family as a whole has not met the family deductible.

       You’re Willing to put at least the reduction in medical premiums into a Health Savings Account.

       You Use preventive drugs that will be available at co-insurance whether the deductible has been met or not.

The Consumer 6300 is good for you if:

       You Value the lowest premiums.

       You’re Able to cover higher out of pocket maximums if necessary. 


All of Windstream’s plans include the same doctors, facilities, and free coverage for preventive care. If you have questions on plan design and features Coordinated Care by Quantum can be reached at 877-550-3255 or via online chat at