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Retiree Benefit Summaries 

Preparing for Retirement

Take a Look at Your Health & Welfare Options

You may have two options for health benefits from Windstream following retirement: (1) COBRA continuation coverage, or (2) retiree coverage. You will receive a cobra packet and a retiree benefit plan info sheet, provided you are eligible. A cobra packet and retiree info sheet is mailed after your termination date and the information comes in two separate mailings. You can wait on these mailings to learn how to enroll or you can enroll in the retirement benefits by accessing or for cobra continuation benefits. Please wait 7 business days before you access either system to enroll in benefits.

Please review this page regarding retirement benefit plan summaries and rate info in advance. If are a bargaining employee and want to know rates in advance, please reach out to your local HR support and they can direct you to the appropriate Windstream Benefit Administrator. We want you to have all the information you need when making an informed decision about choosing cobra or retirement insurance benefits.  


The Windstream Benefits Center cannot assist with the retiree online enrollment or answer your specific retiree benefit plan offering questions until after your termination date has passed. Please wait 7 days before reaching out to the Windstream Benefits Center for enrollment assistance and questions regarding your benefit offerings. The Windstream Benefits Call Center number is 1844-689-7832, and their operating hours are from 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time Monday through Friday. For assistance in enrolling in your cobra benefits offerings or if you have cobra benefit questions, please contact Conexis at 1-866-206-5751.

Once you enroll in retirement benefits or cobra benefits you will receive an invoice each month for the next month’s coverage from Conexis. As an alternative option to mailing in your payment each month, you will have the opportunity to sign-up for Automatic Debit. You may contact Conexis if you have questions or need assistance with your payment. Simply call 1-866-206-5751 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday (excluding company holidays). You may also request help by logging in to your online account at and clicking the Message Center tab.

Mailing address to send payments to is as follows:

P.O. Box 660212
Dallas, TX 75266-0212

Eligibility Rules for Windstream Retiree Health Benefits

****Many Bargaining groups have different eligibility rules. Please reference your bargaining agreement for details.

Who Do I Need to Notify?

 When you retire, you will remain enrolled in the Windstream Benefit Plans through the end of the calendar month in which you retire. Retiree and/or cobra coverage will start first of the following month after retirement. Coverage will be retroactive to the first of the month even if you enroll after the start date. Your benefits will be retroactive back to the 1st if you enroll after the first of the month.

You'll need to:

Which Benefits can I have in Retirement?

Your retirement benefits are determined by your current benefits as an active employee. The following plans can be carried into retirement if currently enrolled as an active employee:

Retiree Medical Benefits

Windstream retirees and eligible dependents under age 65 may elect coverage in the Windstream Retiree PPO Plan administered by UnitedHealthcare and then choose to enroll in individual coverage through United Healthcare Medicare Solutions upon turning age 65 if enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. The retiree must be enrolled in the Windstream Retiree PPO or UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions to enroll dependents on the Windstream Retiree PPO Plans. 

Windstream does not offer company-sponsored medical and prescription drug insurance to retirees or dependents age 65 and over. However, you will have the option to select individual insurance coverage through UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions. In order to elect individual coverage through UnitedHealthCare Medicare Solutions, you or your dependent age 65+ must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. 

Retiree Prescription Drug Plan

The Windstream Prescription Drug Plan provides coverage for retirees enrolled in Windstream medical plans. Windstream offers prescription coverage through Express Scripts.  Co-payments are required, and an economical Home Delivery service must be used for maintenance medications.  

If you have any questions regarding coverage for a particular medication or device, when a brand name penalty will be applied, plan exclusions, prior authorizations, Step Therapy, or in understanding a provision of the Windstream Prescription Drug Plan, please contact Express Scripts directly. 

Express Scripts Contact Information

Phone:             1-866-804-7613
Web site:

Prescription Drug Summary

Retiree Dental Benefits

The Windstream retirement dental plan is provided by Delta Dental of Arkansas and offers high and low coverage options for you to choose from. Both options allow you to receive care from any dental provider and cover preventive, basic and major restorative charges (the high option also covers orthodontic charges) according to a co-insurance payment schedule. If you choose an in-network provider, your claims will be filed automatically by the provider. When you use a non-network provider, your claim will typically be filed by your provider; but if not, you will need to file your claim directly with Delta Dental of Arkansas.

Dental - High option

Dental - Low option

Retiree Vision Benefits

The Windstream retirement vision plan includes two providers from which you can choose as long as you were in enrolled in one of these vision plans as an active employee. Both VSP and Spectera offer cost savings, a broad and diverse provider network and freedom of choice on eyewear. You will not receive an ID card for either vision plan. Simply tell your doctor which plan you are in. 

Both vision plan provides you with following: offering both private practice and retail store providers across the country, you choose the eye doctor who meets your lifestyle, eye care and eye wear needs. In general, Spectera offers access to a network of optometrists and large retail optical retailers. VSP specializes in ophthalmologists and in house optometry locations. The premiums vary, so choose the provider that works best for you. 

When you enroll you also have access to:

Contact for provider search or questions

VSP Plan Summary

Spectera Plan Summary  

Retiree Supplemental Life Benefits

Supplemental Life Insurance

Retirees can elect the lesser of 3 times your Annual Earnings on the day prior to your retirement or 100% of the amount of Additional Supplement Life Insurance in effect on the day prior to your retirement.Any amount higher than the Lesser of 3x Pay or the amount in effect immediately prior to retirement will be subjected to reduction. Basic life and Basic Ad&d are not eligible to continue on into retirement. You may port these two plans by completing a portability application and mailing it on to The Standard. Applications can be found on under the tools and forms tab.

The Supplemental Rates are as follows:

Age at end

Per $1,000

of year

of coverage









70 up


Spouse Supplemental Life Insurance

Retirees must elect additional supplemental life in retirement to enroll in spouse life coverage.  Employee must elect spouse life Insurance in multiples of $1,000. The maximum amount is 50% of the amount of your additional supplemental life insurance.Any spouse life amount higher than the 50% supplemental life will be subjected to reduction Premiums are based on employee's date of birth using the table above. Rates are based on the employee’s age, not the spouse’s age.

The Spouse Life Rates are as follows:

Age at end

Per $1,000

of year

of coverage









70 up


Child Supplemental Life Insurance

Child Life Volume may be continued at the same amount the retiree had as an active employee(up to $25,000) or at a reduced amount in $5,000 increments. Premium is the same regardless of the number of children. The retiree must be enrolled in retiree supplemental life insurance to have child life insurance. Child supplemental life coverage will end at the time the child attains age 26.

The Child Life Rates are as follows:


Monthly Rate











Supplemental Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Employees are offered the Supplemental Ad&d tier coverage(s)  below if plan is carried as an active.



Monthly Rate

Employee only


$0.45 per month

Employee plus spouse

$30,000 plus an additional 15K for spouse

$0.83 per month


Supplemental AD&D coverage ends:






·         Retiree only coverage ends on the 1st day of the month in which the retiree reaches age 70.





·         Spouse coverage ends on the 1st day of the month in which the spouse reaches age 70, or when the Retiree no longer has coverage.

The Windstream UHC – pre 65 plan is a Medicare Crossover

What is Medicare Crossover?

Medicare Crossover is the process by which Medicare, as the primary payer, automatically forwards Medicare Part A (hospital) and Part B (medical), including durable medical equipment (DME) claims to a secondary payer for processing. It provides ease of administration for Medicare recipients, eliminating the need to submit a paper claim or copy of the Explanation of Medicare Benefits to UnitedHealthcare. It does not apply to Part C (Medicare Advantage plans) or Part D (prescription drug expenses). Click here to learn more.

What are the features of enabling Medicare Crossover?

Payment Options for Premiums Due

If you elect retiree benefits, you will have three payment options available:

Do you have a Windstream Pension Benefit?

Certain employees participate in the Windstream Pension Plan. Under the terms of this plan, if age and service requirements are met, participants may retire and elect to start receiving their pension. Summaries are available on the and Merrill Lynch BOL Communications Library Site that outline the retirement eligibility rules. Once you qualify to retire, please follow the Pension Toolkit instructions below to obtain information and election forms from Merrill Lynch to start your pension benefit. 

Do You have a Windstream 401(k)?

Approximately two weeks after you receive your final paycheck from Windstream, your status change will be sent to Merrill Lynch for the Windstream 401(k) Plan, and your 401(k) account will become eligible for distribution. For information on distribution options and tax implication click here.

Do You have a Windstream Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)?

After your employment ends, you will receive notice from Computershare informing you of the options you have regarding the disposition of your shares. You will have 30 days after the date of the letter to elect one of three options to close out your ESPP account: 

Access your ESPP account information through the Computershare website HERE at or call Computershare at 1-866-768-5724 for assistance.

Pension Toolkit

Windstream thanks you for your years of dedicated service and we wish the best during your retirement years!

*This document provides an informal overview of the benefits programs effective as of January 1, 2013, for eligible and non-bargaining employees of Windstream. Program details are provided in the applicable Windstream practices, plans, or document summaries. Windstream reserves the right to amend, modify, terminate, or partially terminate any portion of its benefits programs at any time .







Retiree Insurance vs. Cobra coverage: