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Flexible Spending Accounts - FSA

While the HSA option is great for most, there are cases where a medical FSA might make more sense. How so? If you…1) Need access to the full annual FSA election amount at the beginning of the year, 2) Are age 65+ and are enrolled in part A of Medicare coverage, or 3) You anticipate having 2016 medical FSA funds left to roll over into 2017 (maximum of $500 can be rolled over) and want to use them for medical expenses.

Note: If you had a medical FSA in 2015 and rolled into a limited use FSA in 2016, see Limited Use FSA section below.

Allowable Contributions for 2017

Each year the IRS determines the maximum amount of contributions for FSA Reimbursement Plans. At the time this document was created, the current maximums as defined by the IRS were:

When you enroll in a medical FSA plan, you will be issued a YSA debit card which is a prepaid card to use to pay medical expenses only. Commuter and Day Care claims use a reimbursement process. 


Limited Use FSA

The Limited Use FSA that was funded by 2015 roll-over dollars when we transitioned to Health Savings Accounts ends on Dec. 31, 2016. You can use the remaining funds for dental and vision expenses through the end of the year. All remaining funds after 2016 will be forfeited.

After the annual enrollment period closes, you may not make changes to your election unless you incur a qualified change in family status. The election change must be made within 31 calendar days of your change in family status.

Please refer to the Summary Plan Description for further explanation.

Filing Claims for Reimbursement

To File a claim or view your balance, log in to your Benefits Portal.

You can find the links to YSA:

1)      From the top of the page locate the "Health & Insurance tab"

2)      Click on the "Health Plans &  Spending Accounts" link

3)      Then click on the "YSA - Medical Flexible Spending Account / YSA - Dependent Care Reimbursement" link


1)      From the center of initial page right above the "Quick Links" Click on "Your Spending Account"

Please make sure you view all the helpful links and tools listed at the bottom of the Account Summary page.

Medical FSA Prepaid Benefits Card

When you enroll in a medical FSA plan, you will be issued a YSA debit card which is a prepaid card to use with your medical FSA plans. The YSA card allows you to quickly pay for eligible expenses without using your own out of pocket money. As you use your card, eligible expenses will be deducted automatically from your account and reflected on the Your Spending Account website. Remember to keep your receipts from your eligible expenses in case you are asked to provide them at a later date. Visit our site at for further details about your card, including where and how to use it.