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Windstream 401(k) 

The Windstream 401(k) Plan is a tax-advantaged way for you to save for retirement through payroll deductions and/or Roth dollars and earn the company’s matching contribution if eligible. You can enroll in or change your 401(k) contributions anytime during the year, but enrollment time is a good time to consider your savings to ensure your deduction rate and investment choices align with your financial needs in retirement. Go to to assess your current investments.

Windstream matches non-bargaining participant’s 401(k) contributions dollar for dollar up to 3% of eligible pay and $0.50 on the dollar of the contribution you make on the next 2% of eligible pay (maximum match is 4% of eligible pay). Employer contributions are made on an annual basis following the end of the calendar year. You can earn a prorated match no matter when your last day worked is. We hope this makes you feel more confident about contributing to your retirement savings. Bargaining employees should refer to their collective bargaining agreement for eligibility. 

Non-bargaining employees may start making contributions to the plan as soon as administratively possible after hire. Bargaining employees should refer to their collective bargaining agreement for eligibility. Contribution rates and investment selections can be changed throughout the year.

For more information, go to the Merrill Lynch web site at or call 800.228.4015.



Need to update your address?
The address on your 401k account with Merrill Lynch is updated regularly with your address in the HUB while you are an active employee. If you have a Merrill Lynch brokerage account through the equity plan and need to update your address, contact the brokerage account helpdesk at 877-767-2404.