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Ways to Keep Costs Down

Don’t Pay More than You Have To – Employees and spouses should follow these steps.

Keeping your healthcare cost down is your responsibility - and it’s simple!

Those who actively participate in managing their health spend less money on health related cost than those who don’t engage. For this reason, if you choose to enroll in a Windstream Medical Plan, you and your enrolled spouse (if applicable) are asked to complete health management activities to maintain the lowest medical premium.

Tobacco Use Health Plan Premium Surcharge

To support the health and wellness of our employees a $50 monthly surcharge for employees and spouses who use tobacco products. One of our strategies will apply to keeping medical benefits affordable is to ask those choosing high-risk health behaviors to share in the higher costs associated with that behavior. The details of the program and eligibility are outlined below. 

Enroll in Chronic Condition Counseling

Employees with conditions like diabetes, asthma or heart disease have access to a Care Coordinator to help create an individualized plan, answer questions, and provide a variety of helpful resources. This is a free service offered to help you and your doctor better manage your health. It is not meant to replace your medical care, but to help you along your care pathway.

Employees AND spouses affected by these conditions who are in a high risk stage will be contacted by Care Coordinators by Quantum Health  via phone and mail to participate in the Condition Counseling Program. While program participation is not mandatory, a $250 per person, per year fee will be added to medical premiums for failure to engage. This policy only applies to employees AND covered spouse who are contacted directly by Care Coordinators by Quantum Health to participate in the program.

Get the Most Out of Your Benefits

In-Patient and Surgery Pre-Authorization

Windstream requires pre-authorization through Care Coordinators by Quantum Health for all non-emergency, in-patient admissions as well as in-patient and out-patient surgeries. Pre-authorization information is printed on your medical ID card. An additional $250 deductible (per event that requires pre-authorization) will be applied to those that don’t receive pre-authorization through Coordinated Health/ Care. This additional deductible will not count toward reaching your plan deductible and out-of-pocket maximums. 

Spousal Surcharge

If your spouse has medical coverage or a contribution to purchase coverage available through his/her employer but chooses to be enrolled in a Windstream medical plan, a spousal surcharge of $100 per month will be applied. During enrollment, you will be required to indicate if your spouse has coverage, or a contribution, available at his/her employer. Have your spouse’s employer’s name, address, and phone number available when you enroll.